Letter to Papers from Clara Reilly

2nd September 2013


Dear Editor,


Over the last six years there has been an increasing chorus of criticism of the operations of the HET from families, NGOs, lawyers and academics. The recent HMIC report into the HET has vindicated the concerns of these people and groups and confirmed the basis of many of their criticisms.

The report does fall short in many respects; for example, while finding that the HET has been acting ‘unlawfully’ it does not recommend sanctions nor the replacement of the HET by a lawful, independent and efficient body. Instead, it makes a number of recommendations suggesting how the HET can be ‘fixed’ and can thus continue operating more or less as before.

That said, the overall conclusion that the HET has failed families is beyond doubt. To claim or insinuate otherwise is to impugn the professionalism and sincerity of the families, NGOs, lawyers and academics who have repeatedly voiced their concerns.

Yours Sincerely


Mrs Clara Reilly


Relatives for Justice


On Behalf of the Board of Directors of Relatives for Justice following their meeting of Wednesday 28th August 2013

For Information the Relatives for Justice Board of Directors as below.

Mrs Clara Reilly,

Professor Bill Rolston,

Ms Paddy Kelly LLM,

John Loughran LLM,

Mr John Magee,

Niall Murphy LLB,

Claire Hackett MA, MSSc,

Jude Whyte, Senior Lecturer Social Work