Mark Thompson responds to Edwin Poots

Mark Thompson
RFJ's Director Mark Thompson
RFJ’s Director Mark Thompson

I’m bewildered by the comments and allegations made by Edwin Poots. I had no words whatsoever with any member of the DUP last week when I attended the debate.

Indeed there were many insults from within the chamber by the DUP concerning collusion and afterwards when they sought to demean and belittle the bereaved that attended the public gallery for the debate.

One relative was so upset that she had to leave the assembly and was supported by an assembly member of staff who assisted her.

There certainly wasn’t any of the antics or spectacle that we’ve become so accustomed to from the DUP and other members of the assembly despite the provocative and insulting language in denying collusion.

Mr. Poots is a man all too prone to a rush of blood to the head as witnessed by his antics in storming onto a live BBC TV set to attack Gerry Adams; and charging up the isle of a hall wanting to take on and physically gesturing to Gary McMichael during a public debate on the GFA in Lisburn. Of course all that was before he eventually shared power with Sinn Féin.

So I’ll not be taking seriously any of his allegations.

However, it’s a bit rich of any member of the assembly claiming to be offended by those relatives bereaved through collusion, especially the DUP, whilst they also deny those same bereaved acknowledgement of their loss.

It’s just a pity that the DUP tactic of distraction is reported rather than the issue of collusion. And we’re not surprised when key meetings are taking place with the joint First Minister on collusion and when families are actively lobbying MLA’s on the issue of collusion that these distractions occur.

Mr. Poots would be better advised to read the de Silva report and the many other reports by his government into collusion than attacking victims of collusion and being a collusion denier.