Relatives of victims of collusion point finger at chain of command.

Relatives of victims of collusion point finger at chain of command

This morning, Monday 24th June over 200 relatives of victims of the British government’s death squads gathered in the Europa Hotel, Belfast. They delivered their verdict on the Panorama programmes, the final part of which was screened last night, and recent revelations regarding findings of the Stevens Report.

These relatives dismissed suggestions that collusion occurred as a result of renegade actions.

They pointed to the chain of command that devised and executed collusion and which reaches right to the top of the military and government establishments.

The human devastation caused by the importation of South African weapons and the activities of Brian Nelson and his handlers must be addressed. As must the wider impact of collusion which stretches back for many years. In light of revelations about the soon to be published Stevens Report and the Panorama programmes it is clear that the examination of this issue in detail is long overdue.

This press conference witnessed relatives building on evidence already in the public domain and collectively demonstrating the compelling need for an international, independent judicial inquiry into the arming, directing and controlling of loyalists by the British State. They further called for the 2 previous Stevens Reports to be made public immediately and Stevens 3 to be made public as soon as it has reached its conclusion. Relatives are confident that this will add further weight to their call for a full and proper inquiry.