Relatives welcome Tyrone Coroner Decision

Relatives welcome Tyrone Coroner Decision

16th September 2003

Speaking on behalf of all of the families involved, Relatives for
Justice spokesperson and sister of Pete Ryan, Ms Rosemary Ryan said:

"The families welcome today's
decision by the coroner Roger McLarnon to demand all documentation in
relation to these killings be submitted to the court by the PSNI and
MoD within 21 days. However this is belated. All families have had to
sit through 12 preliminary hearings, over 2 years, to get this
decision. This should never have been the case. However today's
statement is welcome.

"We expect that all material will be handed over within the stated 21
days. We expect that there be no excuses or attempts at perverting this
decision by declaring that the documents are lost or have been
contaminated and destroyed."

Also speaking at the courthouse Mrs Roisin Ui Mhuiri – sister of Kevin
Barry O'Donnell and Management Board member of Relatives for Justice
said: "We expect that following today's decision that the inquest
proper begin immediately. The judicial process must now move to
fulfilling international obligations.

We further expect that the compellability element of the inquest be
invoked and the SAS members and relevant RUC members who were involved
in these killings be brought to the court. "This is in order that the
inquest gets to the bottom of who sanctioned and directed these

Mr Martin Mallon nephew of Miss Roseanne Mallon and Board member of Relatives For Justice said:
"My family expect the videotape from the surveillance operation which
was focused on my home and recorded during the hours leading up to and
including the killing of my aunt will be handed over in full and will
be undoctored."

For further comments etc. please call Relatives for Justice on 028 90220100