Widow demands to know if Nelson is Alive or Dead

Widow demands to know if Brian Nelson is Alive or Dead

3rd September 2003

The widow of Gerard Slane murdered by loyalists in September 1988 has
demanded to know whether Brian Nelson– the paid British agent convicted
of the conspiracy to murder her husband – is dead or alive.

In April this year it was announced that Nelson had died of a brain
haemorrhage in Florida. At the time there were no funeral details
released. On Monday the Irish News reported that US Secretary of State
Colin Powell has denied that Nelson was ever given permission to reside
in the US following his release from prison in the mid-90s. Today the
Belfast telegraph’s Chris Thornton has alleged that Nelson died of Lung
Cancer in Cardiff.

Speaking from the Relatives for Justice office today Mrs Theresa Slane
said: “Given that Nelson’s death allegedly occurred in the week when
John Stevens was to publish his findings on the policy of collusion
between British state forces and loyalist death squads I was always
extremely sceptical that a. he was dead at all; or b. that if he was
dead he had died of natural causes. The policy of collusion and the
depths to which Military Intelligence stoops has taught me that there
is no such thing as coincidence or convenience.

“Thus far
I have not been allowed the truth as to why my husband, the father of
my 3 children, was murdered and who was really behind it. However I do
know that Brian Nelson was a key player in his killing and I also know
that the British government struck a deal where he was protected from
the application of law or justice in order to cover up the full extent
and nature of collusion. My family and the hundreds of other families
affected by the recruitment and direction of Brian Nelson are entitled
to know if he is really dead or is this another cover up.

“I am today writing to a number of British MPs to get a parliamentary
question asked in the House of Commons on this issue. I will also be
writing to US Congress People and the US consulate. I will also be
asking my MP Gerry Adams to raise the question directly when he is next
with the British and Irish governments. I am calling on Tony Blair to
publicly state whether Brian Nelson is dead or alive.

“The policy of
collusion has been covered up from start to finish. This cannot be
another lie which is used to protect those responsible for the killing
of my husband and the many others affected.”

Note: All contact with Mrs Slane must be directed through Relatives for Justice on the above number