Welfare Reform Bill – what an insult

David Cameron’s words today trying to persuade that the proposed welfare reform bill is some kindness from those who know about welfare dependency are nothing short of sickening.

No mention whatsoever has been made of those who live in an area devastated by conflict. People who through no fault of their own were abandoned after their injury or loss.

People who were left with only their family to care for the. Abandoned by a state with totally inappropriate medical support, if any.

Society was only too happy to leave people suffering PTSD and long term physical injuries without education or opportunity and palm them off with an inadequate benefits system and prescription pills.

To come now and tell them that that is actually their fault and they should try to find work in galling. To come now and tell them it is down to their own motivation and without any proper support system or honest understanding of the impact of their conflict threaten to take the few pounds they have off them.

All this and let alone take responsibility for his own government’s role in those losses and injury. It all really does leave a very sour taste in the mouths of many.

Fair play to all those community, statutory and political figures who are fighting these reforms.