BBC Newsline Legacy Series

Legacy dominates media once again in main BBC news in the North…. click link to view; items listed below…

BBC Newsline Legacy


8 mins into news;

  • British MP makes false allegations that their soldiers are facing prosecutions; to date no British soldier has been prosecuted or convicted despite these claims. There is no mention whatsoever of the sinister reports accompanying this Tory/unionist hyperbole including in UK tabloids that has once again targeted human rights lawyers in the North, which has gone unreported;
  • Ballymurphy families in court challenging the failure of the NIO/unionist axis on preventing funding to legacy inquests as per the request and plan by the Lord Chief Justice, Sir Declan Morgan;
  • Report on failure to address the past – Irish Gov. Minister Charlie Flanagan TD, Judith Thompson the Commissioner for Victims & Survivors, Kenny Donaldson (JIVT), Willie Fraser (Fair), Paul O’Connor (PFC), Mark Thompson (RFJ), Alan McBride (Wave).